Services to deaf & dumb students

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  • Tutoring classes for providing educational service to deaf and dumb students,
  • Activities of human development, social trip, and celebrating the personal occasions such as birthdays to develop students’ personalities to improve their performance and integration in the society.
  • Provide trainings to students’ parents on how to communicate and interact with their children to create better understanding between them.
  • Make trainings and meetings with workers in this field from other churches on the needs of deaf and dumb students and how to integrate them in the society.
  • Make trainings to teachers in the new techniques of teaching to deaf and dumb, and to the individuals who wish to learn the signs language.
  • Provide medical services to deaf and dumb services such as: medical examination, dispensing medicines, surgeries and artificial equipment.
  • Train subscribers to special computer programs for deaf and dumb.
  • Networking with the other entities which are interested in serving and developing deaf and dumb, such as: the organization of teaching adults, and Nardien organization to deaf and dumb.
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